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Possible error in dtrace

      While going through sys/arch/amd64/pmap.h, I came across KERN_BASE[1] and confused it for KERNBASE[2]. Looking deeper into the same I think someone made the same mistake in dtrace_isa.c{3](I might be wrong). 
    I compared how the same variable was used in amd64[4] and i386[5]. There seems to be a mismatch. I computed the values for KERN_BASE and KERNBASE for amd64 and 
I think this may be an error. However, the names are definitely a bit confusing and there is no documentation to suggest what they are for. 

  Siddharth M
  Third Year B.Tech (CSE) Student,
  Amrita School of Engineering, Kollam
“Most people get ahead during the time that others waste."

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