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GSoC '18 - Kernel Undefined Behavior SANitizer

Greetings fellow kernel-ists,

My name is Harry Pantazis and I have successfully submitted my
proposal for GSoC '18, aspiring along with my mentor Kamil Rytarowski
to integrate KUBSAN (as we call it) on the NetBSD/amd64 kernel.
Do not be mistaken; this ain't no simple task! But it can become one.
We have to deal with mighty regression testing, insoluble licensing
issues, princess kernel building and the mighty dragon called
debugging as well as with the dreaded (drumroll) C co-di-N-G.

Long adventures await us and humor is our trusty comrade. But fear
not! We have already started training and I am a squire now, not a
humble apprentice, since I have passed my master's tests. I built the
amd64 kernel with "mythical" debugging flags and put it in the hands
of wizard QEMU, where there along with the priest and healer named GDB
we had the opportunity of examining various kernel calls. I have
already comprehended the scrolls of userland ubsan (ubsan.c and
ubsan.h) and now the only thing undefined on my mind lies in the
support of the community (you people <3). The three months of the
program are more than enough and some bug reporting shall take place
as well.

Right now I'm writing a couple of regression tests on ATF, fruit of
the '07 GSoC, and when I'm done I'm gonna send my first patch to Kamil
to be committed :D. I don't claim to be any sort of expert nor any
kind of skilled cupcake but I have a strong appetite for hacky
solutions to problems since my early days and to this I stick to see
everything through.

Apart the humorous side of it you might want to check out some more details:
- Proposal:
- Me poor GitHub:
- Me poorer Gitlab:
- Me IRC nick: luserx0 @(EFNet & freenode)
- The soon to be "journal of our adventures":
- Project Description page:

For more particulars we'll keep you updated.
Glad to be a member of this community :)

Kind regards,

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