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Re: membar_datadep_consumer

Taylor R Campbell <> wrote:
> Any objections to introducing membar_datadep_consumer?
> Semantics:  Any load afterward with a data dependency on a load
> beforehand is guaranteed to be ordered so.  Control dependencies are
> not ordered.
> Implementation:  mb on Alpha, noop everywhere else for now.  Define
> __HAVE_MEMBAR_DATADEP_CONSUMER in XYZ/types.h if XYZ has it; otherwise
> <sys/atomic.h> automatically defines it as a noop.
> I have been sitting on the attached patch for ages and plan to
> introduce its use where appropriate when I have time, with testing on
> a multiprocessor Alpha known to reorder data-dependent loads.

Seems fine to me.  Good luck ensuring its correct use, though. :)


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