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Re: shipping processes between ttys

On Sun, Dec 07, 2014 at 03:25:36AM +0000, David Holland wrote:
> Somebody mentioned reptyr ( in chat
> tonight, and so I was thinking about how one might do it properly;
> this is a topic I've looked at in the past from time to time, so I
> think I have a viable plan for it. Which I'm going to post, both for
> feedback and in the hope that I can trick someone into implementing it
> for me. :-)
> (1) It seems clear that the unit of transfer should be a whole process
> group (or "job"); if you want to move your mailreader, it makes sense
> for the editor it spawned to go with it, and so on.
> (2) It also seems desirable as part of the same machinery to be able
> to reconnect to jobs that have been lost because of a disconnect. For
> that and some technical reasons I think moving a job should have two
> parts: first detaching it from one tty and then attaching it to
> another. It follows from Occam's razor that a job that's been detached
> but not yet reattached should be in the same state as a background job
> that's been hung up on; formally, an orphaned process group.

Maybe this could replace the horrid 'revoke' on ttys as well?


David Laight:

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