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Re: Back port of ixgbe driver to NetBSD 5

In article 
Bob Lee  <> wrote:
>       Recently, was asked to backport the driver to our version of NetBSD5. 
>I've included
>the diff of non-driver files, and a separate diff for the ixgbe driver
>which is in CVS,
>but not included in the netbsd_5 label.
>       The ixgbe driver supports 10Gb Intel 82598 and 82599 networking
>devices.  Tested with
>an Intel E10G41AT2 card, connected two back to back, ping flood,
>netperf, and configured
>in Xen as PCI passthrough (running the same set of tests).

Thank you very much for doing that work! This is pullup 1809.


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