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Re: suenv

On Oct 23, 2012, at 2:56 PM, Christos Zoulas wrote:

> In article 
> <C75A84166056C94F84D238A44AF9F6AD277C2B%AUSX10MPC103.AMER.DELL.COM@localhost>,
> <> wrote:
>> But apache is security critical, isn't it?  And it certainly is
>> threaded.  Or are you applying the term "security critical" only to a
>> smaller set of components?  
> Yes, but apache is designed to be threaded. login, su, and other
> pam users not necessarily. Typically programs "know" the closure
> of shared libraries that they can potentially use, and PAM breaks
> that model. The threaded/non-threaded case is a particularly nasty
> example, where a program might assume that it can use static storage
> and non-threaded interfaces (res_foo() instead of res_nfoo(),
> getdbfoo() instead of getdbfoo_r()) and then suddenly it finds
> itself in a threaded environment and potential heisen bugs. In the
> apache case these may effect only the apache user and whatever
> access it has, but login/su and other PAM users cases this leads
> to a complete system compromise.
> christos

That makes sense, thanks.


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