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Re: add disk size to "struct disk"?

>>> do you expect the checks to be performed in userland, so anyone can
>>> be free to have overlaps/overflows, or let the kernel do the checks
>>> and return errors using the size obtained through disk(9)?
> Overflowing is clearly bogus IMHO, and should not be allowed.

Does "not [] allowed" here mean "the table on disk is considered
invalid and ignored" or "the overflowing partition is suppressed" or
"the overflowing partition is clamped to the device size" or what?

I think the last of those is most useful, but the first one is the only
one I really consider broken.

> Overlapping is another matter, [...]

Agreed.  I semi-regularly have a real use for overlapping partitions; I
would consider it a serious regression if they were to break.

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