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Re: Porting perl's Quota module to 6.0's new quotas

Thanks for the fast reply.

> I can tell you how to do it, but I don't know how to fix Perl.
It's not Perl, its C. More precisely, it's Perl XS, which is basically C 
routines called from within Perl.

> (Where is this code, btw? There doesn't appear to be a Perl quota
> module package in pkgsrc.)
There's an outdated one in wip/p5-Quota. There's a patch in there which doesn't 
apply to more recent versions. My impression is that that one isn't needed any 
longer for it has either been obsoleted by upstream adaptions or applies to 
NetBSD<2.99something only.

The current version of the module is at, the 
relevant file is Quota.xs. I assume it's adaptable without really understanding 
the XS stuff (which is basically pulling the arguments and pushing the result) 
for that can probably left untouched.

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