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Re: [PATCH] PUFFS with cache TTL from filesystem

YAMAMOTO Takashi <> wrote:

> GETATTR needs another versions of op callbacks, yes.  it doesn't seem
> like a big problem to me, tho.

Just to make sure I do not head in a wrong way. You suggest adding two
methods in puffs_ops?

        int (*puffs_node_getattr_ttl)(struct puffs_usermount *,
            puffs_cookie_t, struct vattr *, 
            const struct puffs_cred *,struct timespec *);
        int (*puffs_node_setattr_ttl)(struct puffs_usermount *,
            puffs_cookie_t, const struct vattr *, const struct,
            puffs_cred *, struct timespec *);

PUFFS dispatcher would call puffs_node_getattr or puffs_node_getattr_ttl
depending on PUFFS_USE_FS_TTL(pu)

Emmanuel Dreyfus

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