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Re: [GSoC 2012 idea] Ext3 HTree directory indexing

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Vyacheslav Matyushin  <> wrote:
>As I understand, implementing Ext3 is quite a complex task.
>Currently I'm interested in implementing the HTree directory indexing.
>In current ext2fs implementation directories are treated as simple
>linked lists [1].
>When the number of items in a directory grows
>time required to manipulate this directory increases quadratically.
>Ext3 introduces directory indexing where a tree-like structure called an Htree
>is used to quickly access directory entries using file name hash values
>(currently computed using half-md4 algorithm).
>With this entry lookup transforms from linear scan to binary search
>and the required time grows close to linearly instead of O(n^2) [2,
>see Performance section].
>This is backwards-compatible with the code not supporting dir_index feature
>so if an ext3 partition with indexed directories is mounted in NetBSD
>using mount_ext2fs
>lookup is performed using linear scan.
>A red-black tree in linux implementation is used to hold on-disk htree
>in memory.
>As I understand routines in ext2fs_lookup.c are main candidates for
>being modified.
>I wonder what do you think about this project
>and whether it's worth writing a more detailed proposal.

That sounds like a nice SoC project...


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