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Potential fix for PR kern/41417 (WAPBL: hang on tstile)

        Hello.  If you're running NetBSD-5, NetBSD-5.1 or any of the
derivatives of those branches and have been having trouble with the system
hanging with all processes stuck in tstile wait, then you're probably
experiencing pr kern/41417.  Even if you're running without WAPBL
journaling, you still could be suffering from this bug.
        If you are, then there are test patches for this bug which I believe
fix this problem.  
These patches implement the UFS rename locking fixes David Holland made for
NetBSD-current with the addition that they've been made to work with
softdep, which is supported under NetBSD-5.
I would be interested in having as many people as
possible test these patches so we can insure  the fix is righ before we
commit to the branch.
        If you know how to build a custom kernel, then you can download the
patch set for your version of NetBSD from:
(there are patches for 5.0.x and 5.1.x branches respectively.)
        If you do not know how to build a custom kernel or how to rebuild
GENERIC with the patches installed, let me know, and I'll post some
prebuilt  kernels.
        If you test the patches, I'd be interested to know what your findings
are, good or bad.  Feel free to mail me with your results.


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