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Re: "Rewriting kernfs and procfs" - GSoC'12


I was initially reticent to reply to this thread at this time, because
some details might be out of the scope of the GSoC project.  But I
think that those questions are important to consider in the design of a
new procfs implementation, and the project description was very
summary, so I decided to post them anyway:

Given that even Linux walks away from placing non-process related data
into in /proc, slowly putting it into /sys instead, IMHO this is going
in the wrong direction.

I once thought that it might be useful to export procfs via NFS,
but our current implementation doesn't support it.  Is this something
that a new implementation should allow?

While I once tried that (quite long ago), it turned out that the buffering
the NFS client does somewhat conflicts the dynamic nature of /proc
and /kern.  However, maybe it could work better with NFSv3 or even NFSv4?

--                         Wolfgang Solfrank

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