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Re: PUFFS performance on netbsd-6

YAMAMOTO Takashi <> wrote:

> > LOOKUP x
> > GETATTR x/y
> > LOOKUP x
> > GETATTR x/z
> the behaviour on netbsd-6 is what i expect with PUFFS_KFLAG_NOCACHE_NAME.
> probably the flag is broken on netbsd-5?

If netbsd-6 behavvior is right, then indeed the flag was broken on
netbsd-5. Unfortnately this makes netbsd-6 much more slower. I did not
run hard tests, but I would estimates it as 10 times slower.

FUSE LOOKUPs return a TTL for a node. I guess it is time to modify the
PUFFS interface and kernel lookup code so that the kernel can be made
aware of that information.

Emmanuel Dreyfus

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