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Re: raidframe questions

> [...raid1...2 x 500G...each disk fails, replaced with larger...]

> I want to know if I can recover my lost 100Go...

> I read that changing raid size is not possible.

That's only semi-true.

It's "not possible" in that there's no clean well-defined interface for
it, perhaps.  But of course it's possible.  With RAID 1, you've got a
fairly easy case.  Here's how I'd do it:

- Unconfigure the RAID.
- Re-disklabel both disks, enlarging the relevant partitions.
- Patch one component label, increasing the size.
- Configure the RAID with only the patched component, with the other
   one missing.
- Hot-add the other component.
- Let it resync the hot-added component.

When the resync finishes, you should be back in operation with a larger
RAID.  (As with any resync to a hot-added component, you may then want
to unconfigure and reconfigure to get the second drive changed from
"used spare" to "ordinary member".)

Of course, you then have to figure out what to do with the extra space.
The RAID pseudo-disk's disklabel is your friend here; you could give it
a separate filesystem, or, if the filesystem supports it, grow the
existing partition and then grow the filesystem....

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