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Re: PUFFS fs clean exit


> Hello
> I sometimes get a kernel panic (uvm_fault) when perfused exits because
> the FUSE filesystem died. The backtrace is below. As I understand the
> problem is that the kernel part of PUFFS sends PUFFS requests to flush
> vnode after the PUFFS server called exit(). It suggests something must
> be to discard data to be flushed before calling exit(), but what?

my understanding is that puffs_msgif_close/puffs_userdead is responsible
to mark the instance dying and abort all pending requests before calling
dounmount.  after that, no requests will go to the puffs server as the
filesystem is marked as dead.

> mutex_vector_enter
> puffs_vnop_fsync

did you find out which call of mutex_enter() it was?


> vinvalbuf
> vclean
> vflush
> puffs_vfsop_unmount
> dounmount
> puffs_msgif_close
> putter_fop_close
> closef
> fd_close
> fd_free
> exit1
> sys_exit
> syscall
> -- 
> Emmanuel Dreyfus

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