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Re: Respawn crashed PUFFS filesystems?

On Sun, Feb 12, 2012 at 10:37:01AM +0100, Emmanuel Dreyfus wrote:
 > > At least one of the things you've forgotten right up front is that if
 > > a filesystem server process tips over, the first thing you need to do
 > > is run fsck... and be prepared to cope with fsck failing.
 > I was thinking about it in the context of glusterfs, where obviously
 > you will not need an fsck

Sometimes you will, though. (A lot of distributed filesystems have
persistent caches that need to be checked/recovered, for example.)

 > > Also note that in the context of glusterfs and similar tools it's
 > > probably more desirable to have a node be reliably fail-stop than to
 > > have it attempt to restart itself and end up half-working.
 > I am not sure I understand what you mean here. Why wouldit half-work
 > after restart?

That depends on why it crashed.

David A. Holland

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