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On Feb 10, 2012, at 11:04 PM, Mouse wrote:

> I find myself wanting something I'm tentatively calling O_NOACCESS,
> which is basically "open for neither read nor write".  (I want this
> mostly so I can open a --x directory for fchdir() purposes.)
> Looking at sys_open(), I see that one of the first checks it does is
>        if ((flags & (FREAD | FWRITE)) == 0)
>                return (EINVAL);
> I've tried what I think is the minial change: removing those lines,
> defining O_NOACCESS as 3, and making FFLAGS and OFLAGS correspondingly
> more complex.  It works, superficially.

Why not use O_DIRECTORY (which is part of -current) and add that to flags?

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