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Re: select() timeout

In article <>,
Jukka Marin  <> wrote:
>I guess it's better to post this here as well:
>How does timeout of select() work for short timeouts (less than timecounter
>tick period)?  I am working on a serial bus protocol where the master first
>sends out a data packet and then waits for a reply from a slave.  Timecounter
>tick is 10 ms on this box (a net5501) and I would like to use timeouts of
>1 ms or even less when data bytes are coming in.
>I was using a fixed 20 ms timeout and the protocol was working ok for most
>of the time, but sometimes I got a burst of receive timeouts.  I'm not sure
>if the data is held in the tty buffers or if my timeout logic is failing yet.
>So, are short timeouts reliable with select()?

You should be using pollts() instead.


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