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Re: buffer cache & ufs changes (preliminary ffsv2 extattr support)

>> This makes a file no longer a long list of octets; it becomes
>> multiple long lists of octets.  [...]
> [...] I have always found the idea flaky myself (and sorry for the
> "rant"):  [...]

Yeah.  I think it's a very interesting direction to take filesystems.

But this, interesting as it is, is research experimentation; we do not
even nearly understand how to fit multi-fork (to adopt the MacOS term)
files into a Unix paradigm (witness all the programs that we don't
understand how to change for this), and investigating non-understood
things is what research _is_.  And I think the master tree for a
(supposedly-)production OS is not the place to be carrying out research
experiments, not even if another such OS is already doing it.

But my opinions seem to correlate negatively with NetBSD's these days.

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