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Re: PUFFS and existing file that get ENOENT

        hello.  pstat -v should give you what you want to know.


On Jan 16,  1:17pm, Emmanuel Dreyfus wrote:
} Subject: Re: PUFFS and existing file that get ENOENT
} On Mon, Jan 16, 2012 at 02:02:41PM +0100, Adam Hamsik wrote:
} > Just try to lower that number to some smaller one ?
} sysctl(7) says:
}      kern.maxvnodes (KERN_MAXVNODES)
}          The maximum number of vnodes available on the system.  This can
}          only be raised.
} But it seems I can lower it from 26214 to 200 without a hitch. I have
} no idea how mch room it has, however. We cannot get the number of used
} vnode from userland, can we?
} -- 
} Emmanuel Dreyfus
>-- End of excerpt from Emmanuel Dreyfus

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