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Re: Can someone please explain the rules for __NetBSD_Version__ ??

In article <>,
Soren Jacobsen  <> wrote:
>On 01/09 19:08, Robert Elz wrote:
>> Could someone who knows please explain the rules for the construction
>> of __NetBSD_Version__ for releases, what the sub-fields are, and how
>> they're actually used - and then perhaps actually put that information
>> into param.h  ?
>Well, I've made all of the 5.x __NetBSD_Version changes to date, so I
>guess I ought to speak up.  Basically, I looked at 4.0.1 and saw that we
>didn't bump the version number for 4.0.1, and figured that was
>intentional.  Maybe it was simply an omission.  I don't recall checking
>3.x.  My thinking was that we didn't care much if the version number got
>bumped unless there was an API/ABI change.  Given that line of
>reasoning, I don't know why I bumped it for 5.1 -- temporary insanity?
>In any case, if the consensus is that it should be bumped with every
>release, we can certainly do that in the future.

It was designed to be bumped with every release. Now if that is necessary
or not, is a different story.


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