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Re: DADHI drivers for Asterisk?

>> PCI boards for Asterisk require kernel drivers, [...]
>> [...], which have a FreeBSD port here:

>> Anyone started working on porting that to NetBSD?

> Have you realized that these drivers are apparently GPL/LGPL and thus
> not suitable for NetBSD kernel inclusion?

I once started looking at writing a native driver for one of the Digium
FXO/FXS cards, only to find that, as far as I could tell, the only
hardware documentation available was the Linux driver source.  I spent
a little time reading over the Linux drivers, but it was an ugly enough
mess to try to glark hardware interfaces from the driver that I lost
interest before getting anywhere.

If anyone does manage to find hardware doc, I'd be interested.  I'm not
likely to produce a driver soon (I don't expect to have the time), but
I'd like to have the doc against future possibility.

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