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Re: DADHI drivers for Asterisk?

        Hello.  I haven't yet started, but it is in my grand plan of things to
do.  I was instrumental in getting the current zaptel packages runing and
released for NetBSD-3.x, and I subsequently got them working under
NetBSD-5.x in multi-processor mode, where we use them as part of my day
job.  If you  feel the urge to begin the porting process, feel free.  I'm
happy to test and provide help where possible.  I'll probably be ready to
begin tackling the work as part of my day job in about 6 months.

On Jan 9,  3:06am, Emmanuel Dreyfus wrote:
} Subject: DADHI drivers for Asterisk?
} Hello everybody
} PCI boards for Asterisk require kernel drivers, which used to be
} provided by the now obsolete and retired zaptel package. We now need
} DADHI drivers, which have a FreeBSD port here:
} Anyone started working on porting that to NetBSD? 
} -- 
} Emmanuel Dreyfus
>-- End of excerpt from Emmanuel Dreyfus

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