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PC boot sequence (was: patch: MFSv3 support (libsa) for boot2 (i386))

Am 29.12.2011 um 12:20 schrieb David Laight:

> The actual 'pc' boot sequence is:
Ah brilliant, answers to all the questions I wanted to ask anyway.

> 4) The pbr code now reads the rest of the 8k 'boot code' area at the
>   start of the partition
This means "MBR partition", right?
And this "boot code" is what is called "primary boot" in BSD terminology, right?

> this is the rest of bootxx_xxxfs.
What do you mean by "rest of"?

> 5) The bootxx code now tries to load the 'boot' program from filesystem,
>   it checks the following places for a filesystem:
I don't quite get why it has to look for a filesystem. I thought (and in only 
8k it must have) the block numbers of /boot encoded into it by installboot? So, 
are these block numbers FS-relative? I thought they were disklabel-partition 

>   a) the start of the partition
This again means "MBR partition", I suppose?

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