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Re: New console toy

On 12/27/2011 7:59 PM, Michael wrote:
> Hello,
> some of you probably noticed a bunch of commits in rasops, wscons etc. 
> regarding support for anti-aliased fonts in the console. There are three 
> drivers which support this so far:
> - genfb, if it finds a 32bit framebuffer
> - ffb
> - voyagerfb with options VOYAGERFB_ANTIALIAS
> To test this on your hardware you need to:
> 1. add an anti-aliased font to your kernel config:
>    * options FONT_DEJAVU_SANS_MONO12x22 # Helvetica-ish font
>    * options FONT_DROID_SANS_MONO12x22 # Google's Droid font
>    * options FONT_FREEMONO12x22 # Times lookalike
>    They were all generated from TrueType fonts found in pkgsrc, I'll commit 
> the converter
>    at some point, it's kinda rough right now.
>    Leave at least one bitmap font in as a fallback for drivers that don't 
> support alpha
>    fonts, for now that's still the majority.
> 2. with genfb, make sure it finds a 32bit framebuffer ( on x86 pick an 
> appropriate VESA
>    mode ), with voyagerfb add options VOYAGERFB_ANTIALIAS, with ffb do nothing
> 3. rebuild your kernel, boot it, stare at a console that looks an order of 
> magnitude 
>    better ;)
> So far ffb is the only driver which does all the alpha blending work by 
> hardware, in genfb it's all software and voyagerfb is halfway between - the 
> hardware doesn't support alpha blending but we can still use the blitter to 
> draw characters ( and thus avoid having to access framebuffer memory directly 
> which would require syncing the drawing engine )
> All the new fonts use ISO encoding, support for auto-generated box drawing 
> characters has been added.
> have fun
> Michael

Got this:

genfb0 at pci0 dev 15 function 0: vendor 0x15ad product 0x0405
genfb0: framebuffer at 0xd0000000, size 640x480, depth 32, stride 2560
panic: kernel diagnostic assertion "crow < type->nrows" failed: file
"/usr/src/sys/dev/wscons/wsdisplay.c", line 835

crow is 29.

Only fails in 32bit mode with options FONT_DROID_SANS_MONO12x22, I tried
to look but I couldnt find anything obviously wrong.

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