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Re: raidframe rebuild question

> i seem to recall that we found some missing close calls inside
> raidframe that are now fixed in -current, and possibly pulled upto
> netbsd-5 and probably not netbsd-4?

Worse than that - see below.

> i think you do need a reboot, unfortunately.

I think so too.

I finally got around to looking at the code, and it turns out the ioctl
backing raidctl -r is totally unimplemented (quoted code here is from
the source tree from which the kernel on that machine was built):


Not only that, but rf_remove_hot_spare, even were it called, is
unimplemented too:

rf_remove_hot_spare(RF_Raid_t *raidPtr, RF_SingleComponent_t *sparePtr)
        int spare_number;

        if (raidPtr->numSpare==0) {
                printf("No spares to remove!\n");

        spare_number = sparePtr->column;

        return(EINVAL); /* XXX not implemented yet */
#if 0
        if (spare_number < 0 || spare_number > raidPtr->numSpare) {

        /* verify that this spare isn't in use... */

        /* it's gone.. */



So, yeah, I don't see any way out of this but a reboot. :(

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