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Re: raidframe rebuild question

>> [raidframe woes]
>> What's the right way to do this?

> What about creating a (Level 1) raid13 consisting of wd3e, adding (a
> partition on) that as a spare to raid0, and failing raid0's raid11e
> component?

That's probably what I should have done.  I don't seem able to do it
now, though; raidctl -r refuses to remove /dev/wd3e from raid11's
spares.  (It doesn't complain, but wd3e is still listed as a spare when
I check with -G afterwards.)

I should probably go read the code to see if I can figure out what's
really going on here...might be worth setting up a test machine I _can_
reboot casually.  (The machine in question is a production machine and
I'm not in the right city to deal with it personally.)

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