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In my effort to add Iomega Storcenter G2 support to sandpoint I
experimented with Takahiro Kambe's patch for the VIA VT6410 IDE RAID
controller (not using the RAID part here):

The VT6410 freezes the kernel with an interrupt storm during wdcprobe().
But after some time I found out that defining the option WDC_NO_IDS
fixes that.

As far as I understand the problem, we cannot enable interrupts during
drive probing, because there is something wrong (with the chip or with
our driver?). But I am not an IDE expert.

I found no such hack in the Linux and FreeBSD sources, and not even
in the Storcenter GPL patches, which Iomega released, so I see no
other solution. Unfortunately there are (as usual) no datasheets for
the VT6410 available either.

So I tend to accept WDC_NO_IDS as a solution, but I don't like it as a
config file option. In the GENERIC sandpoint config it would also enable
this hack for all the other (innocent) IDE chips.

Now I would like to turn this option into a device property, so it
can be enabled on demand.

AFAICS WDC_NO_IDS was introduced for evbmips/LOONGSON (workaround
CS5536+JMH330), which I would have to change too.

Would that be ok for everybody? Or is there a better solution?

Frank Wille

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