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Re: cloning device close race?

On Dec 18, 11:54pm, (Thor Lancelot Simon) wrote:
-- Subject: Re: cloning device close race?

| > >I am guessing the problem also exists with other cloning
| > >pseudodevices, not just the new /dev/random implementation.
| > 
| > Does adding:
| > 
| >     vn_close(nd.ni_vp, flags, l->l_cred);
| > 
| > just after fd_dupopen in vfs_syscalls.c help? This should be right since
| > the open is not associated with that vnode anymore, right?
| How is this not always leaking?  Why does the DIAGNOSTIC check not catch
| it more often?

Good question. I think that we just don't open and close cloners frequently


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