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Re: Regarding read behaviour of a FIFO

In article 
Bharat Joshi  <> wrote:
>       It has been some time and I did not get any response for the
>below question.
>       I am not subscribed to the NetBSD tech-kern mailing list but I
>have been checking the mailing list archive to make sure that I have
>not missed any responses.
>       I disabled the code I had identified below in fifo_vnops.c and
>I could see that when read is called after receiving an EINTR, it
>returns zero and my parent program shows success.
>       Can someone please let me know if this make sense? or should I
>try something else? or should I be asking this in some other mailing
>       One question which I have been asking myself is that why
>someone else have not seen it. The only answer I could come up with
>is, that we are using FIFO which are names pipe (i.e. a file) and they
>are mostly used by two different processes. Parent-child normally uses
>PIPE or socket-pair to communicate and so may be no-one has seen this
>issue yet.

Do you mind sending an example program please?


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