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Re: Second stage bootloader (i386) hangs on ls command for ext2


> Izumi, thank you for reviewing! New patches are attached.
> >> Here is a fix for the issue. Independent on what fs partition
> >> contains, ufs_ls() was called. Because of ext2 and ufs similarity it
> >> worked successfully in some cases.

Now I'm told that OpenBSD has introduced "readdir" ops in libsa fs_ops:

And at least OpenBSD/zaurus uses these readdir ops for ls command:

I have not checked if their readdir() API can be applicable our
current ls implementation, but what do you think about this idea,
i.e. file system independent ls command using fs dependent readdir() ops?

readdir looks better as fs_ops, but if it requires too much
modification in our current implementation, ls in fs_ops
could be a interim workaround.

> > We also have to check all other non-x86 bootloaders which refer ufs_ls().
> > (ews4800mips, ia64, landisk, x68k, zaurus etc)
> Done. I'm not able to check though, but the modification is trivial
> and almost the same as for i386.

I'll take these tier II ports anyway. Thanks.

Izumi Tsutsui

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