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Re: [RFC] getgroups2 system call

On Dec 14,  6:05am, (Emmanuel Dreyfus) wrote:
-- Subject: Re: [RFC] getgroups2 system call

| Christos Zoulas <> wrote:
| > Don't you need a getuid2(pid_t pid)? 
| uid, gid and pid are passed inthe FUSE header, so we aready have them.
| > Why don't you add separate fuse messages to send and retrieve this
| > information? Then the kernel can notify if these have changed...
| That adds a lot of state in the kernel (you need to update creds on
| process termination and setgroup(2) calls, which makes the thing even
| harder to port. And on the performance front, new messages add lattency.
| At this point, I think I will fetch secondary groups through sysctl,
| this seems to be the point of least resistance.

I concur :-)


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