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Re: Debian OpenSSL desaster (was: Patch: new random pseudodevice)

On Sun, Dec 11, 2011 at 12:35:07PM +0100, Edgar Fu? wrote:
 > [I tried to send this as private mail, but get
 > host Sparkle-4.Rodents-Montreal.ORG[] refused to talk to me:
 >'s whois server,, is completely broken, handing
 > 550-out no contact information at all when queried for .de domains in
 > 550 the usual way.  Such a domain has no place on a civilized network.
 > I don't know what this is about and why it hinders anybody from
 > accepting my email.
 > I also don't know whether whoever put this in place assumes me to
 > be in a position to influence Denic's behaviour. Or suggests me
 > moving to another country where my employer doesn't reside under
 > the .de domain. Or me using another special email address for
 > communicating with people in his domain.]

The short answer is that Mouse likes tilting at windmills. :-)

David A. Holland

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