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Re: Debian OpenSSL desaster (was: Patch: new random pseudodevice)

> [I tried to send this as private mail, but get

> host Sparkle-4.Rodents-Montreal.ORG[] refused to talk to me:
>'s whois server,, is completely broken, [...]

I wrote up a point-by-point reply to this, but then realized, this is
tech-kern, not tech-broken-network-governance.  So I'll confine myself
to saying my respnse is at
{ftp,http}:// for
anyone interested.  (Actually, will be at; as I send this mail, I'm
still writing it - the draft is available at
.../ccTLD-thoughts-draft.txt and I'll move it when I'm done.)

As for the content...

>> I don't recall full details, but I think it was a Linux distro
> It was the Debian OpenSSL desaster.  In essence, they patched
> OpenSSL's entropy gathering to the point where the PID was the only
> entropy source being used.

Ah.  Yeah, that'll do it.  Thanks for the correction; I'm not surprised
I got some of the details wrong - but the actual incident works just as
well for the argument I was making with it.

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