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Re: Lost file-system story

On Tue, Dec 6, 2011 at 11:10 AM, Donald Allen 
<> wrote:

> catastrophic consequences in the very rare case of someone doing what
> I did (mounting async, doing a lot of writing followed by a system
> crash). I'm trying to make the argument that there could be a problem
> that is benign in 99.99% of the NetBSD setups, and so you haven't
> heard about.

I should amend this a bit. By 'benign' above, I meant that you
wouldn't lose the filesystem. But if trickle-sync is working too
slowly or not at all, I would think that, in the event of a crash
preceded by writes to a softdep-mounted filesystem, more data could be
lost than if trickle-sync were working as intended. Which wouldn't
feel so benign if it happened to you.


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