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Re: wm(4) won't negotiate 1000-base-T with Cisco switches and won't operate with manual media settings

        hello.  thank you for that output.  Now, I have another question,
still building on my theory.
        Is it possible for you to set the media to 1000baset on this NIC,
either with full duplex enabled or not, and establish link?  I'm going to
guess not, but I'm still not entirely sure I understand all the moving
parts, so I'd like to know without yet saying for sure where I think the
trouble is.


On Nov 26,  4:26pm, Manuel Bouyer wrote:
} Subject: Re: wm(4) won't negotiate 1000-base-T with Cisco switches and won
} On Sat, Nov 26, 2011 at 07:08:35AM -0800, Brian Buhrow wrote:
} >         Hello.  Upon further investigation, I believe I've found my problem
} > and I believe it exists in the mii layer of our code.  I'm going to
} > investigate and try to verify my theory before I blather on this list, but
} > could you send me the output of ifconfig for the device you reference when
} > its partnered with one or more of the cisco devices you mention?
} > Specifically, I'm interested to see it linked at 1000baseT, but any output
} > will be helpful.

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