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Re: fs-independent quotas

On Thu, Nov 17, 2011 at 10:47:01AM -0500, Thor Lancelot Simon wrote:
> Here is my concern: I think syntax and semantics are being confused here
> in a way that makes it likely we will have a false sense of security
> about bugs that could crash the kernel (or lead to severe security
> issues, etc).
> I do not see how proplib helps at all with bugs caused by syntactically
> valid data with semantically invalid values.  This means that the
> kernel side code must parse the property list, then check each
> value sufficiently to ensure that using those values will not cause
> an error (at worst, a crash).
> Consider the (very poor) old interface, in which void pointers were
> thrown around.  Suppose they pointed at bad addresses?  No system call
> should directly dereference pointers passed by userspace, so the user
> application should get EFAULT if it passes something that can't copy-in,
> end of game.
> But suppose that void* actually points at valid user memory that has
> insane contents when interpreted as a quota structure?  In that case, I
> cannot see why the validity checks required are any more, nor any less,
> than those required for the parsed data from the proplib interface.  The
> fields have acceptable values, or they don't; if they have insane values
> and those values are just used by the kernel and cause a crash, that
> consequence should be the same either way -- whether the insane values
> came from a property list or from a binary datastructure.
> What am I missing?

the quotactl call has different commands, which takes different arguments.
For example, quotaon takes a string, while setquota takes a struct
describing the quotas to be set.
With the old quotactl, the kernel has no way to tell if it really got a
string of a struct dqblk (or something else); it can just interpret the
pointer as a string and see if it works. If instead of a string it got
a dqblk whose first 2 entries happends to be 0x6f6f622f 0x78300074,
you'll have troubles (you're doing quotaon on /boot).

With a proplib format, the kernel knows it didn't get the right
argument (it didn't find a key "quotafile" with a string value in the
dictionary). Of course you can still do quotaon /boot if you really wants to,
but then it has been done on purpose, not just because you gave the wrong
pointer to quotactl().

Manuel Bouyer <>
     NetBSD: 26 ans d'experience feront toujours la difference

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