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Re: fs-independent quotas

On Mon, Oct 31, 2011 at 11:49:29AM -0400, Matthew Mondor wrote:
 > > Unless someone suggests a good word for "limited thing", maybe the best
 > > option is to invent a term of art and *define* it to mean what you
 > > want, after the manner of Humpty Dumpty.  To that end I suggest
 > > "quotar" or "quoton".   They're both short, easy to remember, and mean
 > > nothing obvious.   The latter kinda sorta sounds like "quota on", which
 > > might be helpful.  
 > Reminds me of BDB's DBT (Database Thing :) so there is some precedent
 > Or maybe something like quota_item or quota_object?

Well, there's the thing to be limited, and the thing to enforce limits
against. Note that even written out in longhand this way, it's
somewhat ambiguous, which is why I'm somewhat skeptical that we can
actually do any better than arbitrarily picking "class" and "type".

I guess they could be "quotee type" and "quotand type"; however, if I
don't say which is which, can you tell without reading my mind? :-/

David A. Holland

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