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Re: Extended attributes Linux interface

Matthew Mondor <> wrote:

> Yet ideally for performance and security, it'd be ideal if the
> interface only presented integer IDs for the class, and reserved
> integer key attributes for the i.e. EXTATTR_SYSTEM class (just like our
> groups are really gids).  The Linux compatibility interface, if
> preserved, could be oblivious to system class attributes and only be
> useful for the general purpose user attributes...  The problem here
> would be that user tools using only the Linux API would not be able to
> backup the full state (in this case, the extended permissions,
> unfortunately)...

We already map to system class. 

The problem that is hard to decide is what to do with It is
mapped to system class for now, but in order to avoid loosing
information, the stored attribute name is (not just bar).
Things would be simplifer is we introduce trusted and security classes

Emmanuel Dreyfus

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