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Re: RFC: SEEK_DATA/SEEK_HOLE implementation version 2


> Hi folks,
> after getting stuck in the 1st implementation in the rump/puffs/refuse jungle
> i started a new version that is more in line with the Solaris implementation
> and is far less invasive.
> Basicly the system call forwards the requests using ioctl's just like Solaris
> and, as it turns out, also FreeBSD with their ZFS import. For simplicity and
> to reduce compat stuff i've used the same ioctls FreeBSD defines. FreeBSDs
> support is limited though; only ZFS handles them. The ioctl names are not
> documented yet.
> The new implementation presents the default one-blob for file systems that
> don't implement it. For NetBSD its currently implemented for UFS and is tested
> for FFS with/without WAPBL, ext2fs and lfs. It is present in our ZFS import
> but aparently disabled still and i dont have a ZFS partition to play with. I
> might be tempted to try it later on my scratch machine :) UDF is next but
> shouldn't be that difficult.

why is the VOP_FSYNC call necessary?


> Rests the userland tool awareness and utilizing but thats phase 2.
> With regards,
> Reinoud

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