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Can't change kern.mbuf.nmbclusters on evbarm?

I posted this to port-arm, but I never got a reply.

I'm having this familiar problem on my Seagate Dockstar running
-current as of a few days ago:

Jun 28 21:44:17 dockstar /netbsd: WARNING: mclpool limit reached;
increase kern.mbuf.nmbclusters
Jun 28 21:44:17 dockstar /netbsd: mvgbe0: no receive buffers available
-- packet dropped!
Jun 28 21:45:11 dockstar syslogd[190]: last message repeated 95 times

So I tried increasing kern.mbuf.nmbclusters, but it gives me an error:

root@dockstar:~ # sysctl kern.mbuf.nmbclusters
kern.mbuf.nmbclusters = 1792
root@dockstar:~ # sysctl -w kern.mbuf.nmbclusters=2048
sysctl: kern.mbuf.nmbclusters: sysctl() failed with Invalid argument

I also tried setting a kernel option and re-compiling, but it doesn't
change this value.

What can I do? Is this a PR?



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