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Re: Silly question about ktrace(1) and non-root users

        hello.  Ok.  I figured out the answer.  And, yes, it's obvious, as I
        Mouse had it right.  The problem is that both sshd and imapd, the two
processes I was interested in looking at, while not having the setuid or
setgid bits set in the filesystem, do  perform a setuid(2) as part of their
normal processing.  Once done, they do not fork and exec any new processes,
thus causing the P_SUGID bit to be set on the processes I was interested in
looking at.  ps -o flags -p <pid> told me what I needed to know to explain
this problem.  For reference, I used the ktrcanset() function from 
kern_ktrace.c from
NetBSD-3.0 sources because it was easier to read than following the chain
of layers down through the secmodel infrastructure and finding where
exactly the permission is denied in that machinery.


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