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[REPOST] porting drm [gem] from openbsd

Sorry about the formatting of my original post.



I finally have both spare time and a machine to do NetBSD development
on. ÂUnfortunately, it has Intel an Clarkdale IGD. ÂThe driver
requires the gem interface. ÂApparently, OpenBSD supports this [to
some extent or other]. ÂI haven't gotten a chance to look at it in
detail, butÂam wondering if anyone would be interested in working on
porting/merging this with me. ÂMy device has a vendor/device of 0x8086
0x0042. ÂI'll Âprobably end up getting some card that's compatible
with radeondrm, but I figure I might as well give it the ol' college
try in lieu of simply giving up outright.
I'm not obtuse, but I am really rusty and will undoubtedly need lots
of guidance. ;-)
Also, check out
for an idea of what's going on in linuxland.



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