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Re: SLIP coexisting with serial data?

> It seems you want to have a console (in the wscons sense)

Well, no; I want a serial console, not a wscons console.

> which is *not* associated with a serial port, and then bind that to a
> logical serial channel on a SLIP instance which is instead bound to a
> serial port.

That would be one way to get the effect I want.

Another way - the one that I'm pursuing now - is to hack on the serial
line driver for the relevant console hardware to, loosely put, import
SLIP into it.  Instead of having two faces, a tty device face to the
kernel and a driver face to the hardware, I'm planning on giving it
three: a tty device and a network interface to the kernel and a driver
face to the hardware.

The userland schemes went out the window when I realized I really
wanted both tty and network device to be usable pre-single-user.

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