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Re: SLIP coexisting with serial data?

>> I was looking at improving if_sl.c to support encapsulating "normal"
>> serial data on the SLIP's tty as packets, [...]
> I've encountered that on a serial protocol in my Arduino work.  It
> worked quite well i have to say.  It worked due to a packet starting
> with an unique byte.  [...]

> I don't know SLIP anymore by heart but maybe you could `invent'/use
> an IP# of as a special case (or to carry the
> key/terminal stuff.

Oh, that's not the problem.  This is where the v6 patches have
relevance: carrying v6 involves inventing a way to tag packets with
types; I used one of them for v6, and it would be easy to use another
for serial data.  The difficulty is in the kernel: SLIP works by
switching line disciplines, which makes it difficult to get normal
output processing to happen - and what I want is for that to happen and
then run the result through if_sl.c before sending it to the real

In the light of morning, I'm not sure this will get me what I want even
if I make it work.  I need to think about it more....

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