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Re: Intel Centrino 6300 Ultimate-N adapter

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On 4/9/10, B Harder <> wrote:
> Well, I've got working wireless now... I haven't benchmarked or tested
> for full feature compliance, but it is useable. Attached are diffs,
> new files, and references to Intel firmware. I don't think I like the
> PCI device name, but it apes what OpenBSD is using at the moment, so
> the driver didn't require other modifications for the case of PCI
> device name. This driver is based on the files that Sverre did supply
> to me; Thanks Sverre. The unified diffs are based off -current as of
> few minutes ago.
> Thanks Sverre and Brett for your help and interest.
> *Intel firmware pulled from
> *attached .tgz expands to "6300" dir; Contents are to be applied from
> /usr/src
> -bch
> On 4/8/10, Brett Lymn <> wrote:
>> On Wed, Apr 07, 2010 at 04:00:36PM -0700, B Harder wrote:
>>> Hi Sverre -- I am interested... I've actually already got the 6000-4
>>> firmware, got the pcidevs setup, and worked w/ the existing driver
>>> code to get the device attached... at this point, it's failing w/
>>> eeprom errors (two of them, don't recall what there are, at the
>>> moment). If you've got something in some state of "working", you're
>>> further ahead than I am, though, and I'd love to see that code.
>> As you have discovered, it is highly unlikely that you can just add
>> the device to pci devs and use the current iwn driver to make it
>> work.  I would expect that the interface to the firmware on the card
>> is slightly different, requiring different command structures.  This
>> can happen even between versions of firmware on the same hardware.  I
>> am not sure how different our iwn driver is from the OpenBSD one these
>> days, perhaps patching in the card specific code from their driver
>> would be possible.
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>> Brett Lymn
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> Brad Harder
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Brad Harder
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