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Re: rump and usb, only one ugen getting attached?

On Thu Apr 08 2010 at 02:35:28 +0100, Jasper Wallace wrote:
> Hi,
> I'm trying to debug a problem with netbsd and a usb cdc acm device using 
> rump and in the process I can only get rump to attach to ugen0. I can work 
> around this by nailing down ugen0 to a particular usb port in my kernel 
> config, but does rump/ugenhc always only attach to ugen0? UGENHC.ioconf 
> has 4 ugenhc entries so i assume not.

Hmm.  Make sure the other /dev/ugen device nodes exist.  Based on the
timestamps I have on my /dev and from reading /dev/MAKEDEV, only ugen0
nodes are created by default.

good luck ;)

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