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re: bus_space(9) header files

      On Sat, Apr 03, 2010 at 01:16:46PM +1100, matthew green wrote:
      >    I would like to add the MI function prototypes underneath the
      >    #include:
      >    #include <machine/bus.h>
      >    /* MI function prototypes */
      >    bus_space_tag_t bus_space_tag_create(bus_space_tag_t, /* TBD */);
      >    void bus_space_tag_destroy(bus_space_tag_t);
      > i'm extremely wary of you adding "TBD" code to sys/bus.h.
      > once this API is defined, it seems like a fine idea, but not before.
      I'd written actual prototypes to be concrete.  I realized somebody
      who missed the point might fixate on two strange new routines, so I'd
      written TBD to try to discourage discussion of the API.  And *still*
      nitpicking from the peanut gallery.  Good grief!
   if you don't have a concrete proposal, what is the point of the
   above email?  i'm not asking about the API, but if you don't
   know what it is yet, ...?
   how about you talk about what you want to do?

it occurs to me, are you asking for input?

i didn't see any questions in the original email, just a simple
proposal to add code to sys/bus.h that included "TBD".


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