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Using proplist ioctl's from within the kernel

I have a situation where I would like to invoke sysmonioctl_envsys() from within some other kernel code. But I'm not quite sure what variable type should be used for the 3rd argument. The call requires a 'void *data' which gets cast to a 'struct plistref *' and is eventually used as the argument to prop_dictionary_copyout_ioctl().

1. If I use a 'struct plistref *' in the calling code, how do I "deref"
   it to get to the proplist itself?  And do I need to release the
   reference when I'm done with it?

2. Will prop_dictionary_copyout_ioctl() even work when the destination
   is in kernel space?  Or should I not be doing this?

Thanks in advance!

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