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Re: [gsoc] syscall/libc fuzzer proposal


On Sat, Mar 20, 2010 at 05:32:28PM +0200, Mateusz Kocielski wrote:
>  (Eg.
>  int foo() { char d[10]; int i; i = 5; return d[i] }
>  will be translate into:
>  int foo() { char d[10]; int i; int _x; i = 5; _x = i; if ( _x < 0 ||
> _x > 9 ) ERROR();
>   return d[_x]; }
>  )

I've seen some tools that are able to generate bound-checking code for
C.  There is/was patches for gcc to enable bound-checking and there is
some kind program transformator.  I do not have the links or names at
hand, but I would google the web for such tools, as there exists open
source tools that already do such kinds of transformation.  Maybe they
are outdated or may not compile easily, but they are existent.  I think
ccured is one of the tools capable of doing such transformations.

Btw. someone using ccured on NetBSD?  I was very unlucky in compiling it
and did not spot it in pkgsrc.

Matthias Kretschmer

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